1.1. The contest will promote Colombian and foreign talents passionate about a growing format within the fashion industry: the so-called “Fashion Film.”


1.2. The festival will take place from December 2 to 4, 2023 with a cultural agenda that can be consulted on the official website, in the “agenda” section. The Bogfff reserves the right to change the date of the contest if this is the case, without any claim from the participants.


1.3. The Fashion Films selected by the organization for the 2023 competition will be exhibited on the festival website, Bogfff’s official social networks, and at city events that are part of the cultural programming, as well as in any other media that collaborates with the festival.


  1. GOALS


2.1The fifth edition of the festival aims to promote the work of producers, videographers, fashion designers, styling, makeup artists, art directors, among others, and new talent in the audiovisual and fashion industry, opening exhibition and award spaces of these works, in addition to encouraging the production of Fashion Films in Colombia.




3.1.The call begins on August 1 and ends on November 1, 2023.


3.2Registration for the festival must be done only through the official festival website. The participant must access and fill out the registration form, completing the registration form and attaching a public or private link to a video channel.


3.3.If you are a minor, you must present the relevant authorization from your legal guardians to the email with the subject: BOGFFF 2023 Minor Authorization.


3.4. Each subscriber may submit as many Fashion Films as they see fit, as long as the creation dates are in the period from 2021 to 2023.


3.4.1 The winners of past editions will be able to participate again with new fashion films, registrations of previously winning pieces are not accepted, the material will have to be completely new.o. 


3.5. The festival organizers reserve the right to reject entries with unauthorized music, incomplete entry forms and/or non-compliant Fashion Films files.


3.6. The participant must be in legal possession of all rights and assign them to BOGFFF. The material sent by the subscriber must be his or her authorship. Our festival is not responsible for any claim that may be generated with third parties for the indicated reason.


3.7. The video must be recorded in Full HD (1920×1080) o HD (1280×720).


3.8. The content of the Fashion Film will be free on theme but must have an obvious relationship with the world and imagination of fashion, or be commissioned by a brand or magazine, in addition to presenting careful aesthetics and art direction.


3.9.In addition to respecting the conditions of the video platform used, registered Fashion Films may not contain pornographic material or content that threatens any entity, place, group or ideology. You may not violate any of the laws in force. You may not infringe any privacy and/or intellectual property rights (including any musical theme, unless you have a license for use or it is in the public domain).


3.9.1Pay attention to the material sent for selection. The access link that does not allow viewing of the Fashion Film may invalidate your registration.




4.1The official selection will be made up of 30 Fashion Films.


4.2 The thirty finalists will be announced on Friday, November 15 on the official BOGFFF website and social networks and all those online media or digital platforms that collaborate with the communication of the festival.


4.3The selection by award categories for each Fashion Film will only be known on the day of the festival’s awards gala, that is, December 4, the date on which the awards will be presented.




5.1. The fashion films registered in the festival will compete in the fifth edition of BOGFFF 2023 in the following categories:



5.2.Category winners will receive an official certificate and prizes that will eventually be revealed through the official Bogfff platforms.

5.2.1. The award will be awarded by a multidisciplinary jury, made up of 12 (twelve) members with recognized experience in the audiovisual and fashion fields.

5.2.2. The 12 (twelve) members of the Official Jury will establish the work criteria in agreement with the director of the festival and will be sovereign in the award decision.

5.3. The Jury will choose the winners of this contest by a simple majority of the votes cast. Likewise, the Jury will also choose a reserve per category in the event that the winners cannot be assigned the prize. In the event of a tie, the president of the jury will decide which piece will be awarded.

5.4.If private companies, governmental or non-governmental institutions wish to award special prizes to the competition categories, they may do so at their own discretion, with the prior consent of the festival director.

5.5. The directors present at the event will receive the trophies through artists and supporters invited to the awards ceremony.

5.6. The Bogfff will send a double invitation to all the selected finalists to attend the event that will take place in Bogotá.

5.7. The winners must prove their identity by presenting their identification credentials, in addition to ratifying the documentation that the organization sends them for this purpose regarding the veracity and ownership of the material through which they have participated in this contest.




6.1.For those participants who due to force majeure cannot attend the awards, the Bogfff is responsible for sending the award certificate and trophy by mail.


6.2.Certificates of participation will be sent by email as previously requested by the person who registered.


6.3. The festival participants reserve the right to freely disseminate the video clips recorded at the festival, in various media, such as radio, open television, cable television and the Internet.


6.4. The person responsible for registration declares, when registering, that the director of the work is the owner of all applicable rights, guaranteeing its exhibition at the festival.


6.5 All elements or any type of work used in the registered video clip, including music and stock images, do not violate any right of use of the image or intellectual property of third parties, and the person responsible for the registration undertakes to assume legal exclusive liability for any claim, demand or litigation, whether directly or indirectly, arising from the exhibition or use of the works.


6.6 Bogfff is not responsible for possible losses, deterioration, theft, delays or any other circumstance attributable to third parties or the Internet that affects participation in this contest.


6.7.Participation in the BOGFFF 2023 implies full acceptance of the conditions established in these regulations and the decisions of the festival organizing committee will be sovereign and irrevocable, so no appeal will be admitted.


6.8The certificate will be issued in the name of the Director of the work.


6.9. The 30 selected cede all rights of exhibition, exploitation and public communication of their pieces to the BOGFFF organization and its partners for one year for dissemination in the audiovisual media and press as selected or winners. This will be non-profit dissemination only.

6.9.1. Questions will be answered via email: